X1 Safety and Client Team Up With LOcHER Project to Promote Welding Safety in the United Kingdom

We recently engaged with David Foy and the LOcHER Project  in the United Kingdom on Twitter. We re-shared our images that show a brand new air filter from a RPB Safety Z4 Respirator and PX4 PAPR combo after just 8 hours of use in an aluminum welding shop.

(Original Post: Photos Show PAPR Pre-Filters After 8 Hours of Filtering Aluminum Welding Fumes)

They put together the safety poster below using these photos to help spread the word about the danger of welding fumes and to highlight the importance of proper respiratory protection ppe for welders in their country.

We're pretty excited to know that what we've learned from on of our clients is being shared in Europe. Safety knows no boundaries!

Exposure to Welding Fumes is a Global Issue from LOcHER Project and X1 Safety

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