H5 Aluminized Molten Metal Splash and Radiant Heat Protection for Foundry & Steel Mills

Unbeatable comfort, flexibility and range of motion.

Protection from 2,900°F molten metal & 3,000+°F radiant heat.

Proprietary 11 oz. Aluminized OPF-Carbon Rip-Stop Blend.

Factory customizations available to meet specific demands.

H5 Molten Metal Splash + Radiant Heat Protection

Carbon Armour's Silvers H5 line of aluminized molten metal splash and radiant heat primary protection products are made from a proprietary 11 oz. material that offers extreme protection and incredible comfort for workers in foundries, steel mills and other high heat manufacturing environments.

We work directly with National Safety Apparel to provide you with access to testing and factory customizations. The H5 material can be used to make garments to any size and length specifications that are not shown below. Contact us today to set up a hands-on demonstration and one on one consultation.

Proprietary 11 oz. OPF Ripstop jacket with patented design features for mobility & comfort.

  1. Ultra-durable 11 oz aluminized OPF Ripstop blend fabric.
  2. Underarm gussets extend range of movement and arm comfort.
  3. Articulated elbows for mobility and extended garment life.
  4. Ventilated action back for extended movement, comfort, and airflow.
  5. Open jacket with gloves on using black leather pull tabs.


H5 Molten Metal Splash + Radiant Heat Jacket Video Transcript

The Carbon Armour Silvers H5 30 inch jacket is the next generation for thermal protective solutions. Offering multi-hazard protection, our jacket is rated up to 2,900°F molten metal and 3,000+°F radiant heat exposure. It's not often that comfort is considered in thermal protection. This jacket features our patented ventilated flex back design and articulated elbow for increased range of motion and extended movement. Underarm gussets keep the air flowing and provide breathability while the 11 ounce aluminized OPF carbon blended ripstop fabric is lighter weight fabric that provides thermal protection -that's increased range of motion and a lightweight jacket that's easy to wear. Try out the next generation in thermal molten metal and radiant heat protection for yourself.

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