Elk River Harness Size Chart & Fit Guide

Elk River Harness Size Chart & Fit Guide

When it comes to donning your Elk River Harness, proper fit is critical for comfort, mobility, and fall protection safety. Stocked common Elk River harness sizes range from small to 3XL.

Consult the Elk River Harness Size Chart below to correctly size your full body harness with integral waistbelt. All measurements should be taken over clothing.

Elk River Harness Size Chart Guide

To make your fall distance calculations for your personal fall arrest system, consult the Elk River Fall Calculation Chart.


How to Put on an Elk River Harness

For worker safety and comfort, it is crucial to put on a fall protection harness the right way. To ensure proper performance of a full body harness, it must be adjusted to fit the worker’s body. According to the latest Elk River catalog, these 5 steps should always be followed when donning an Elk River safety harness:

1.) Pick the harness up by the dorsal D-ring. Give the harness a gentle shake to help orient all the straps and connection points. Check to ensure the harness is not tangled.
2.) Ensure that all the connections are unfastened and put the harness on like you would a jacket. The dorsal D-ring should be between your shoulder blades.
3.) Reach between your legs, grabbing one leg strap, and pull it back through your legs and connect. Repeat this process with the other leg strap. Check to ensure that your leg straps are not twisted, crossed, or tangled. When your leg straps are properly adjusted, you should be able to put 2-3 fingers between your body and straps.
4.) Connect your chest strap. The chest strap should be across your chest even with the nipple line or approximately 6 inches below your shoulders. If your harness is equipped with torso adjusters, now is the time to adjust them for improved comfort and mobility. The harness should fit snugly, but not tight.
5.) If your harness has a belt connection, connect it now. Once you have made all the connections and adjusted your harness for proper fit, you are good to go. It may be necessary to readjust your harness throughout the day.

    Anchorage connection for fall arrest should always be made at or above the height of the back D-ring of the harness.

    Elk River safety harnesses are designed to be used as a part of a complete fall protection system. For additional information, consult the Instructions Guide for Elk River Personal Fall Protection Products. Page 3 outlines examples of improper connections.

    Elk River fall protection products are to be inspected on a daily basis by the user and inspected, with documentation, on a semi-annual basis by a competent person.*

    For Elk River safety harness inspection criteria, consult the Elk River Full Body Harness Inspection Checklist.

    *OSHA 29 CFR section 1926.32 - Competent person means one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them.


    Elk River Harness Size Chart & Fit Guides


    Shop Elk River Harnesses and Fall Protection Equipment

    Looking for high-quality safety harnesses that are made in the USA?

    Elk River is a leading manufacturer of American-made personal fall protection including fall protection harnesses, anchors, and lanyards. Based in Cullman, Alabama, Elk River has been manufacturing durable, reliable, and comfortable fall protection equipment for 30+ years. All of their competitively priced fall protection gear, including safety harnesses and lanyards, is made right here in the USA. Elk River is one of the top safety harness manufacturers for tower climbing, construction, fire and rescue, oil and gas, wind energy, utility, and industrial.

    Bestselling Elk River full body harnesses for fall protection include:

    Elk River Platinum Series

    Popular Elk River Platinum Harness designs include the Elk River Peregrine Harness, featuring a removable tool belt and padded seat strap with removable aluminum bar in seat; the Elk River Peregrine RAS, Elk River’s most popular tower harness; the Elk River Firefly Harness with reflective trim; and the Elk River Raven Platinum EX Harness, featuring tongue buckle legs.

    Elk River Peregrine EX Harness

    Elk River Raven Tower Harness

    The Raven Tower Harness is Elk River’s lightest tower harness.

    Elk River Iron Eagle Harness

    The Elk River Iron Eagle Series Harness is a full body harness for fall protection that can be used in multiple industries including construction, tower climbing, and industrial.

    Check out our full collection of Elk River harnesses and other fall protection equipment.


    Elk River Fall Protection Harness Sizing & Fit Help


    Contact X1 Safety for assistance with selecting the best Fall Protection Safety Harnesses and Gear for your applications.

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