Loose Fit Positive Pressure Respiratory Protection

Eliminate fit testing with exceptionally comfortable & economical respirators.

Loose Fit Respiratory Protection

Boost operator productivity with lightweight comfort, conditioned breathing air, and fog-free vision while providing comprehensive regulatory compliance and uncompromised respiratory protection. Above-the-neck protection seals out ambient air to create a respirable air breathing zone around the operator’s face with air supplied from a clean source (SAR) or a personal air purifier (PAPR).

  1. SAR (Supplied Air Respirators) – Connect to a clean air source, such as an air tank, compressor, or airline with climate and flow control devices that regulate and cool or warm the incoming breathing air.
  2. PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) – Offers freedom from attached air lines with a battery powered device worn around the waist that provides HEPA filtered breathing air.


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