Welding Respirators in Stock

Welding Respirators In Stock

Global supply chain shortages and product recalls have led to back orders and long lead times from large suppliers who depend on foreign factories to produce the essential respiratory protection equipment needed to keep America’s welders and fabricators working safelyThat is why X1 Safety also works with American manufacturers whose domestic supply chain helps us always keep welding respirators in stock at all times. 


The Importance of Welding Respirators

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), eighteen different substances, including fluoride, manganese, silicon, titanium, and sodium and potassium silicates, have been measured in the fumes resulting from the welding of mild steel. NIOSH says that excessive exposure to welding fumes can cause a variety of disorders and should be designated as a carcinogen.

As we’ve noted in the past, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) wrote that The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified welding fumes and UV radiation from welding as Group 1 carcinogens, the agency’s designation for agents that carry sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “Adverse health effects associated with Cr(VI) exposure include occupational asthma, eye irritation and damage, perforated eardrums, respiratory irritation, kidney damage, liver damage, pulmonary congestion and edema, upper abdominal pain, nose irritation and damage, respiratory cancer, skin irritation, and erosion and discoloration of the teeth. Some workers can also develop an allergic skin reaction, called allergic contact dermatitis.”

Click to learn about OSHA’s hexavalent chromium standards, enforcement, exposure and controls, and more.


Positive Pressure Welding Respirators are Best

Positive pressure Welding Respirators are a lower cost respiratory protection solution that provides better protection, improved comfort, and easy compliance over other facemask respirators.

  1. Eliminate expensive and time-consuming initial and annual fit testing requirements.
  2. Multiple PPE for head, eye, face, and respiratory integrated into a single piece of equipment that is easily donned and doffed.
  3. More comfortable solution improves operator productivity and makes compliance easier, even when the operator isn’t clean shaven.
  4. Offers OSHA Assigned Protection Factors (APF) of 1,000 compared to an APF of 5, 10, 25, or 50 offered by other respirator masks.
  5. Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) provide cleaner breathing air (filters 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.12 microns) than any other respirator type.


RPB-GVS Welding Respirators – Made in America & Always in Stock

Each positive pressure welding respirator from GVS-RPB is made in America with components that are also made in America with few exceptions. For those exceptions, GVS-RPB has stockpiled supply to create a secure and uninterruptible supply chain that will not be impacted by product recalls and lengthy lead times caused by instability in international supply chains.

RPB-GVS provides a range of loose-fitting positive pressure welding respirators that are designed to support your breathing while enhancing comfort. With multiple items of PPE integrated into the one system, and their lightweight, ergonomic construction, these systems enable you to perform at your best, for longer.

Eliminate time consuming fit testing with comprehensive above-the-shoulders protection that seals out dangerous welding fumes like hexavalent chromium (hex chrome), creating a clean air breathing zone around the operator’s face. Flip-up or removeable ADF visors provide Z87W eye protection with exceptional optical clarity. Face shield under ADF on Z-Link and Z4 provide Z87+ impact protection for quick weld checks and grinding.


Z4 Welding Respirators In Stock

Z4® Welding Respirator Mask

With comfort and durability the top priority, the Z4 Welding Respirator Mask is a lightweight and ergonomic respirator that is designed to withstand the demands of harsh welding operations. With six points of adjustment in the head suspension system, each welder can set their own preferences, ensuring a stable, customizable fit.


Z-Link Welding Respirators In Stock

Z-Link+® Welding Respirator Helmet

For those who need Z89.1 Hard Hat protection, The Z-Link+ Welding Respirator Helmet completely changes the way you experience comfort when welding and fabricating. With its supportive internal framework within the headtop and soft padding, the Z-Link+ ensures weight is evenly distributed, alleviating aches and strains, helping to reduce the impact of fatigue. The Z-Link+ lets you get more out of your day.


PX5® PAPR or C40™ Supplied Air Conditioner

RPB-GVS respirators are available with a PX5 PAPR or Supplied Air Conditioner for any shop whether it is set up with a compressed air supply of respirable breathing air.

The PX5 PAPR (battery Powered Air Purifying Respirator is a filtration unit worn around the waist to provide clean breathing air without attached hoses. Ambient air is HEPA filtered, removing 99.97% of particulates with a long-life battery that lasts 8-12 hours per charge.

For any shop that does have an air supply, the C40 Climate Control Device regulates airflow and cools incoming air by up to 52°F (29°C) or warms it by up to 33°F (18°C) with the slide of a lever.


Rent or Buy Welding Respirators

Projects outside of the normal scope of business or a surge of work requiring a temporary expansion of the team can force fabricators and welding shops to invest in additional PPE that will spend most of its useful life in storage. X1 Safety's Respirator Rental Program enables safety managers to provide temporary yet comprehensive respiratory protection with universal loose-fitting respirators that carry OSHA's highest APF of 1,000. Both the Z4 Welding Mask and the Z-Link+ Welding Helmet are available to rent right now and can ship within 24 hours.


Welding Respirators & Accessories in Stock

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