FR/CP Lab Coat - Chemical, Fire & Arc Flash Resistant

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FR Lab Coat - Chemical, Fire & Arc Flash Resistant
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FR/CP Lab Coat - Chemical, Fire, & Arc Flash Resistant Lab Coat

Navy Blue FR/CP Lab Coat With or Without Pockets & Nomex® Knit Wrists

National Safety Apparel Chemical Resistant FR Lab Coat - Navy Blue

Many chemicals and compounds utilized in lead and battery manufacturing and laboratory settings present a flash fire hazard. In 2015 flame-resistant lab coats became a requirement for laboratories using flammable chemicals (per NFPA 45). According to the standard , flame-resistant clothing needs to meet the requirements of NFPA 2112.

The Navy Blue Chemical Resistant FR Lab Coat with and without pockets features National Safety Apparel's (NSA) CR/FR fabric which provides multi-hazard protection without weighing you down. Breathable chemical resistance meets superior flame resistance for protection that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

  1.  Arc Rating: 8 cal/cm².
  2.  CAT 2.
  3.  Fabric/Material: 4.4 oz. CR/FR Aramid Blend.
  4.  FR only Nomex® knit wrists keep sleeves in place.
  5.  Durable, high-temp plastic snaps for easy donning & doffing.
  6.  Bottom side vents for increased mobility.
  7.  Side pass-through allows access to pockets underneath the coat.
  8.  Durable accessory loop for safety glasses, pens, badges, etc.
  9.  Choose With Pockets for chest pocket with covered flap and pen/pencil slot and lower pockets with covered flaps to secure contents.
  10.  Highly breathable compared to traditional chemical protective options.
  11.  Easy care & laundering.
  12.  Made in the USA.
     FR/CP Lab Coat Resistance

    FR/CP Lab Coat Chemical Resistance

    Warning: Not designed for primary chemical protection. For wearers exposed to significant amounts of corrosive or solvent agents especially under pressure, primary chemical protection is recommended. Primary protection is typically air-tight and non-breathable.

      Challenge Chemical FR/CP Lab Coat Other FR Fabric***
    Corrosive Liquids and Strong Oxidizers Sulfuric Acid 96% * A D
    37% Hydrochloric Acid * A D
    Sodium Hydroxide 50% * A A
    Hydrogen Peroxide 35% * A D
    Nitric Acid 65% * A D
    Piranha Solution * A D
    Polar Organic Solvents Acentonitrile A D
    Dimethylformamide A D
    Dimethyl Sulfoxide * (DMSO) A D
    Tetrachloroethylene A D
    Methanol C
    Isopropanol ** B D
    Ethanol B D
    Non-Polar Organic Solvents n-heptane C D
    D D
    Acetone C-D D
    Dichloromethane D D
    Diethylamine D D
    Tetrahydrofuran D D
    Toluene A-B D
    Ethyl Acetate D D
    n-octane C-D D

    * Test results indicated consistent durable wash performance up to 50 industrial launderings.

    ** 70/30

    *** Commonly used FR lab coat fabric

    The challenge chemicals in the study include a broad range of chemical classes and hazards but are not a complete list of all potential agents that could be used in a particular work situation. Chemical hazards may be evaluated by dropping a small drop of a challenge liquid on the material per the AATCC 193 test method. Should any challenge chemical fail to bead up on the fabric surface, the garment should not be used in that particular application. Typical use which includes abrasion, chemical exposure as well as wash / wear cycles may impact chemical and flame-resistant performance. While NSA CR/FR fabric shows consistent resistance to corrosive liquids and oxidizers up to 50 wash cycles, careful consideration should be taken to evaluate the garment initially and routinely after wash wear cycles relative to the particular chemical hazards in a given situation per the AATCC 193 method. If damage to a garment that could impair the flame-resistant properties of the garment is incurred, the end user should take care to replace the effected garment in accordance with the organization's safety procedures.



    FR/CP Lab Coat Compliance

    1. ASTM F1959 Arc Rating: CAT 2 / 8 cal/cm²
    2. CAT 2
    3. NFPA 70E
    4. UL Certified to NFPA 2112*
    5. CSA Z462
    6. ASTM F1506
    7. OSHA 1910.269
    8. NFPA 1930: 29.78% predicted body burn (min requirements for NFPA 2112 complaince is 50%)
    9. NFPA 45: Standard on Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals

    * This flame-resistant protective garment is certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the requirements of NFPA® 2112 Standard on Flame Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire, 2018 Edition.

    Chemical Resistance

    Engineered to shed splash from a variety of liquids and resist wicking through the fabric limiting exposure of the wearer.

    Self Extinguishing

    Self-extinguishing fabrics that won’t drip or melt when exposed to flames.

    Lightweight and Durable

    Lightweight, strong, and durable. Excellent colorfastness (washing & sunlight), wash stability (garment sizing and shape).

    Superior Flame Resistance

    Proprietary fabric blend offers the mjost advanced flame resistance on the planet.

    Lab Coat Selection, Use, and Care Guide from MIT.


    FR/CP Lab Coat Care Instructions

    2. Lightly soiled garments may be washed at normal wash water temperature settings.
    3. For heavily soiled garments, a maximum temperature of 140°F is suggested.
    4. Use standard synthetic, liquid laundry detergents for washing. Do not use chlorine bleach, starches, or fabric softeners, or any other laundry chemicals.
    5. Garments may be tumble-dried. Steam or dry iron set to medium may be used to touch up the fabric. Do not Dry Clean.
    6. Inspect garments after each wash and evaluate any damaged areas which could impact safety performance. Repair any rips or tears with flame-resistant Nomex thread.


    National Safety Apparel FR/CP Lab Coat SKU LABCR-NB compare to Bulwark® KNR2

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