12 Pair Kunz Buffed Cowhide Leather Voltage Glove Protectors - Arc/Puncture/Cut

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Overall Length: 12"
Glove Size: 08
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SKU: 12 EA of 1007-3 SZ8
Kunz Buffed Cowhide Leather Voltage Glove Protectors - Arc/Puncture/Cut - 30% OFF 12+ PAIRS
Regular price $816.97
Regular price $852.66 Sale price $816.97

Made to Order in Chicago. Available in 1-5 weeks.

Contact us or call (833) 408-0500 to discuss customization options.

Kunz®1007 Arc/Puncture/Cut Rated Primary Protectors - Buffed Cowhide

12 Pairs Wear Over Rubber Voltage Gloves

  1. Arc Rating: 20 cal/cm²
  2. Cut Level A1.
  3. Puncture Level 4.
  4. Fabric/Material - Cowhide Leather.
  5. Color - Buffed Red.
  6. Gunn Cut with Straight Thumb minimizes seams for increased durability and comfort.
  7. Adjustable nylon cinch strap.
  8. Leather processed to optimized stretch for improved fit and function.
  9. Resists change in shape and texture when exposed to moisture.
  10. Wear over rubber voltage glove Class 2/20kV - other classes available.
  11. Marked with OAL and the hand size of the rubber glove they are designed to cover.
  12. Available in 12 to 16 inch OAL (Overall Length) for voltage glove size 8-12.
  13. Click Customize It tab above for available nonstandard options.
  14. Made in USA.

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From Kunz:

You and your electrical workers can only do a good job if you have all the right equipment. Safety gloves are essential for the work you do. It would be difficult for you to complete a project if you had to worry about the possibility of electrocution. The ideal gloves serve as a barrier between you and electrical machinery and power lines. We offer the products you need to have peace of mind about your safety.

Our voltage protector gloves in Chicago, IL, meet the current ASTM F696 standard specifications. We offer superior mechanical protection for all classes of rubber insulating gloves as described in ASTM D120 from 11" to 16" O.A.L.

Quality is of the utmost importance with the design and fabrication of ASTM standard gloves. Premium fabrication includes tough materials and characteristics that offer the ultimate protection possible from electricity. Versatility and flexibility are also important components because they expand who can use gloves and for what applications. Rely on our company for products that offer durability and functionality.


Leather protectors do not provide shock protection. Protectors are designed and used solely to provide mechanical protection to the rubber insulating glove.


  1. Cut Level A1
  2. Puncture Level 3
  3. NFPA 70E
  4. CSA Z462
  5. OSHA 1910.269
  6. ASTM F696

Cowhide Protectors

  1. Most popular voltage protector gloves.
  2. High durability.
  3. Good insulation protection from heat.
  4. Abrasion and puncture-resistant.
  5. Specially tanned 2.75 oz. to 3.5 oz. grain leather.
  6. Uniform, soft, and pliable.
  7. Ideal for heavy wear.
  8. Buffed Red, Bucktan and cream-colored cowhide for a traditional feel.
  9. Red-buffed cowhide tanned to be more flexible


Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Kunz

Q. I wear a size 10 rubber insulated glove. What size protector should I order?
A. Kunz leather protectors have the same fit as rubber insulated glove sizes. Class 3 and 4 gloves have special sizing, however, so please contact X1 Safety with any questions regarding sizing for these products.

Q. Why is it sometimes difficult to put my new protector over a rubber glove for proper fit?
A. If your protector is difficult to get on, it may be due to surface friction. Both natural rubber and tanned leather have a high degree of natural friction. Try applying a non-harmful* powder to reduce the friction.
*Consult your company safety specialist.

Q. How do I determine my glove size?
A. Take the measurement around the circumference of your palm. Remember to allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn.

Q. I am missing part of my index finger. Can you make a glove to fit my hand correctly?
A. Yes, our custom gloves are tailored to each user's requirements. Please contact X1 Safety with your specifications, and we may have you provide them with something as simple as an outline of your hand.

Q. What can I use to clean my protectors/gloves?
A. It is our policy that we do not recommend protective or preservative oils, conditioners, or cleaners to be used on our protector gloves. Because of the different work conditions, contaminants, and variations in leather — not to mention the multitude of ingredients used in leather treatment products — testing them all is not practical, especially as new products are introduced and others are "new and improved."


Customize It

Kunz® Gloves are Made to Order & Fully Customizable

Contact Us to customize your order, or call (833) 408-0500. We have vans on the ground on the East Coast, West Coast, and in the Midwest and a dedicated account manager would love an opportunity to visit your facility. With a better understanding of your specific safety needs, we can provide:

Samples for Wear Trials

Factory Customizations

Your Products In Stock for Our Best Price With NO Minimums and Same Day Order Processing

Available Primary Voltage Protector Customizations

Wear over rubber voltage glove Class 2/20kV is standard, but other classes are also available.

  1. Varying Lengths and Sizes or half Sizes
  2. 5-Finger Gloves or 1-Finger Mitten Design
  3. Nylon Strap, Shirred Elastic or Plain Back.
  4. Straight Cuff, Contour Cuff (CC), or Bell Cuff (BC).
  5. Orange or Yellow Fluorescent and/or Red or Green Leather Cuff.
Customizable Leather Glove Protectors

1-Finger Mitten Style Example

Kunz 1 Finger Glove Mitten Customization

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