Little Grippers Starter Kit - Tool Tether Connectors (PK 12 Kits)

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Pack of 12 Little Grippers Kits with 4 PCS per Kit.

Connect tool tethers to screw and other shaft drivers.

  1. Molded from custom German-engineered TPU compounds.
  2. No additional adhesives or tools required for application.
  3. UV protected for long-lasting outdoor use.
  4. Compatible with tool shafts of all shapes & thicknesses.
  5. An easy installation process that can be done on-site.

Each kit contains:

  1. 2 x Size #1 Little Gripper
  2. 2 x Size #2 Little Gripper
  3. 2 x Size #3 Little Gripper
  4. 2 x Size #4 Little Gripper
  5. 4 X GrippLink Connectors

If you need a tool tethering solution that’s quick to apply and doesn't hamper hand tool functionality, then you need a Little Gripper.

Molded from a specialized TPU material, the Little Gripper provides an instant load rated tool connection point without the need for adhesives.

Compatible with round and polygonal-shaped shafts, the 4 sizes cover a massive range of tools including screwdrivers, chisels, punches, pliers, pens, pry bars and more.


Little Grippers Tether Connectors


Size Tool Shaft Diameter Max Load
1 0.1" - 0.2" 1.1 LBS.
2 0.2" - 0.3" 1.1 LBS.
3 0.3" - 0.5" 1.1 LBS.
4 0.5" - 0.6" 1.1 LBS.



Little Grippers Tether Connectors Video

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