RPB Radex Airline Filter - Large Capacity Breathing Air Filter

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Number of Air Outlets: 2 Outlets
Air Fitting: Standard Fittings
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Radex Breathing Air Supply Filter

Advanced Filtration Capacity & Versatility

Polluted air can be the cause of major health issues and, at the very least, can adversely affect operator comfort and productivity. The RPB® Radex® Airline Filter improves the quality of the air your employees are breathing and exceeds industry filtration standards so you can be assured that your operators won't suffer the consequences of breathing contaminated air.

The filter is fitted with a large capacity, 6-stage filter cartridge that removes moisture, odor and particulates to 0.5 micron from the compressed air stream, providing clean, breathable air. The Radex® features a unique twist-and-lock wall and floor mounting system.

An optional auto drain valve is available to fit to your filter that continually removes moisture from the filter housing, increasing the lifespan of the filter cartridge. Contact  (833) 408-0500 or Sales@X1Safety.com to arrange.

The RPB® Radex Filter offers increased capacity, versatility and filtration. This optional equipment combines the versatility of either floor or wall mounting with increased filtration capacity, enabling customization to meet workers' needs and environments.

  1. Select 2-outlet or upgrade to the 6-outlet system to provide  filtration for up to six separate airlines from one filter.
  2. Outlet pressure regulator provides the  ability to adjust air pressure. Range  0-125 psi (04-900 2 outlet unit only).
  3. Quick disconnect coupler that is compatible with brands including Aro, Cejn, Dixion and Rectus.
  4. 150 psi safety pressure relief valve.
  5. Strong, robust housing
  6. Replacement filter cartridges have a replacement date sticker for maintenance scheduling


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Made in the USA.

RPB Radex Airline Filter Product Feature

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